Top 6 Benefits Of Studying In Ukraine



All over the world at large and Europe in particular, Ukraine is becoming Europe’s Educational Centre for both local and international students wishing to get quality education at a friendly cost.

For financing the spheres of education the sum budgeted according to EduConf speech in the year 2017 will reach the o The amount of budget financing for the sphere of education will reach about UAH 53 billion in 2017 indicating a great increase compared to UAH 42 billion budgeted for financing education in the year in 2016 and 5% increase in 2020.

The higher education in Ukraine is Either funded privately or by the state. For students that study at expense of state is awarded a scholarship if their average marks at the end of each level exams and differentiated test is at least 4 grade system. However, this rule may be different in some universities.

There are many reasons why foreign students choose a particular country to carry out their studies. However, some of the reasons why foreign student go for Ukraine could be as a result of the following benefits and opportunities:

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1. Low Tuition Fees and other Applicable Payments

In Ukrainian higher education tuition fees are very low when compared to other Asian and European, and American universities.

Another good advantage is that; Most Ukraine Universities offers the possibility of Paying tuition fees upon arrival. This is also boost the confidents of students as they are not want to pay before arriving to Ukraine. You definitely have to pay for the invitation letter and the services the agency provides if you use it, but in all cases, all the money you have to pay will only be paid after arriving in Ukraine. Your money is then safe.

2. High Quality Education

Ukrainian universities are internationally known for high quality education. The courses are internationally recognized in Europe, UK, USA, Asia, Africa, UNESCO, the World Health Organization, and also the European Council, etc. This makes credentials obtained from a Ukrainian university excellent everywhere in the world.


3. International Recognition

This is of great importance. Certificates obtained from Ukrainian universities are recognized and accepted in many great countries of the world. International students in Ukraine has this assurance because certificates and degrees offered to candidates by accredited Ukraine university all globally accepted and Recognized.

This allows graduates from these schools to pursue their professional careers anywhere in the globe as they are not limited to local demands, but for international market.

4. Processing of Admission is Easy

The processing of admission in Europe is one of the easiest in European countries. It is not mandatory students from English Speaking countries to undergo additional testing in order to reconfirm their knowledge of English unlike other European and Western countries that subject both English speaking nations of Asian and Africa to undergo a costly and stressful language test in other reconfirm their knowledge of English language.

For candidates who for one reason or the other do not make to Ukraine would not have to go through difficult refund process which may not be obtainable at the end.

This is because, in most cases, payment of tuition fees is not a prerequisite for gaining admission. The tuition payment and other applicable fees are made on the student arrival to Ukraine.

The whole of admission process is on simply meeting and satisfying the academic requirements. Thus, any candidate that satisfies this academic requirement which as well includes the financial aspect is eligible for the school admission.

5. Mild climate and Great Experience

Ukraine is blessed with a friendly climate condition throughout the year which undoubtedly makes all seasons of the year beautiful in Ukraine. So, students can enjoy life while studying in Ukraine Universities. Also, International Students have the opportunity to meet famous professors all over the world with as a good number of Ukraine universities are into partnership with the USA, Canada, and European universities.

6. High level of Freedom

These are some of great freedom international Students of Ukraine enjoy which applies to undergraduate, masters and graduate programs

Freedom to choose the most appropriate forms of learning: full-time, part-time, or distance learning

Freedom to choose the language of instruction they want to among Ukrainian, Russian, or English.


Other notable factors include:

50% discount is given to International Students on travel.

After completion of studythere is high Chances of Permanent Residence & Settlement in Europe.


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