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eastern mediterranean university

Eastern Mediterranean University

Eastern Mediterranean University, located in Northern Cyprus is the best ranked University in Northern Cyprus. In this article, we are going to talk about this great University, it’s tuition fees, cost of living and many other important information. GoAbroad Edu Services Ltd is a registered travel agency and a partners with Eastern Mediterranean University, so feel free to process your admission with us. We have assisted many people study in EMU and other Universities in North Cyprus and you can reach us on 09060294376.


Eastern Mediterranean University 

Eastern Mediterranean University is a public university which was founded in 1979 as a higher-education technological institution for Turkish Cypriots under the supervision of Onay Fadl Demirciler (then Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education). It was turned to a state university in 1986. Famagusta is the city where the campus is located.

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The University offers 141 undergraduate and postgraduate programs, as well as a research infrastructure (11 Faculties and 5 Schools). Turkish and English are the instructions’ languages. For pupils who need to enhance their English, an English Preparatory School is accessible.  A wide range of sports and social activities are also available at the university. EMU offers a wide range of academic programs, including Physical and Social Sciences, as well as extensive research investigations through its Research Advisory Board.

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Tuition Fees

The tuition fees charged by EMU is very affordable compared to most universities in Europe. Depending on your study program, you can expect to pay between 3000 to 8000 Euros per year and can be paid in installments over a period a time. If you want to know the exact amount to pay for your course do well to contact us.

Cost of Living 

Cost of living too is very affordable in Cyprus. For your feeding, accommodation, transportation, buying of books etc, you can budget between 200 to 300 Euros per month. You can actually live on more or less depending on your sending habit.

Admission Requirements 

To study in EMU there are requirements which you have to meet for the university to accept or approve your application. First let’s start with undergraduate program requirements.

Undergraduate Studies 

If you are planning to pursue an undergraduate study program in Eastern Mediterranean University, you must have a high school/secondary school diploma. For Nigerian applicants, a WAEC/NECO result with good grades in relevant subjects will be needed for admission. The university will need soft copy of the certificate, data page of your international passport and passport photo.

Postgraduate Studies

For postgraduate studies, the university will need you to have a good bachelor’s degree in a related discipline. In addition, you must provide your first degree transcripts, passport data page, 2 reference letters from your lecturers and a passport photo

How To Apply For Admission Into EMU

Applying for admission and visa to study in Eastern Mediterranean University is easy if you do it with us. We have a track record of helping Nigerians study in EMU. We will help you process your admission and visa within 2 weeks. Kindly send all your documents to or call/watsapp us on 09060294376.

Students | Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU), Cyprus

How to apply for visa

There are two ways you can get to Northern Cyprus as a students and they include:

  1. Applying for visa at the Turkish embassy
  2. Applying for Ok-To-Board

Students prefer to use the second option since it’s easy and there’s no risk of visa denial. Now let me explain how Ok-To-Board works.

What is Ok-To-Board?

The Ok to Board is a paper or stamp that allows a traveler to board a flight into the country, which is particularly useful for student travelers from countries where visas are not required or for students who want to arrive in time to begin their studies, as this is a speedier way for many.

The typical visa application process takes 15 to 30 days, and most students experience difficulty with the transit visa application process. Accepted students can assemble their paperwork and apply for the permission to board travel document after paying their tuition and securing a spot at one of Northern Cyprus’ universities.

Documents Required For Ok-To-Board

OTB is an acronym that stands for “OK to Board.” OTB is conducted with the airline service provider to ensure that the student has all of the necessary travel documents for their trip, including their student certificate or unconditional acceptance letter, international passport, return ticket, student academic documents, medical certificate, and any other documents requested by the airline. Turkish Airlines is the country’s official flag carrier and the only airline that is permitted to provide this service.

Now let’s look at the advantages or benefit associated with studying in North Cyprus.

Why Study In North Cyprus?

North Cyprus’ universities, like its tourism, attract attention. This beautiful island provides an opportunity to study while also providing a taste of vacation with its sun, sea, and natural life. North Cyprus’ universities, with their modern campuses, are attracting hundreds of students who want to study in a secure and peaceful environment. North Cyprus, one of the most important educational centers in the Mediterranean, has over 40 thousand students from various nations studying there. The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus’ (T.R.N.C.) educational system is quickly becoming one of the best in Europe. Admissions for the 2013 and 2014 sessions are now open. Here are the benefits associated with studying in North Cyprus:

  1. Universities in North Cyprus are Internationally recognized and accepted globally.
  2. Universities in Northern Cyprus are known for high quality Education at International standards.
  3. Education in North Cyprus aligns with the American Credit System.
  4. International Students have the opportunity to enjoy qualified faculty members at international standards.
  5. Lots of courses available,  All in English Medium of study.
  6. Accommodation is world class standard and available both on campus and around city.


Other Top Universities In North Cyprus

There are many other top universities in Cyprus with affordable tuition fees and high standard of education, but we are going to look at a few of them now.

Near East University

Near East University is a North Cyprus-based private university. Suat Günsel, a Turkish Cypriot who owns 100 percent of NEU, founded it in North Nicosia in 1988. Irfan Günsel, his son, is the head of the board of trustees.

The Near East University now has 16 faculties, 98 departments, four vocational schools, four high schools, and four graduate schools, all of which provide undergraduate and postgraduate programs. It is Northern Cyprus’ largest university, with about 25,000 students.

Tuition fees: 2800 to 4000 Euros per year.


European University of Lefke (EUL)

The European University of Lefke (EUL) is a higher education institution in the Nicosia District village of Lefka, which overlooks Morphou Bay in Northern Cyprus (de facto state). The university was founded in 1989 by the Cyprus Science Foundation and became a member of the Balkan Universities Network in 1990. It currently offers 77 undergraduate and school programs, as well as 38 postgraduate and doctoral degree programs, all of which have been approved by Turkey’s Council of Higher Education (YK). The university campus is located 45 minutes from Nicosia’s capital, 60 minutes from Ercan Airport and Kyrenia, and 80 minutes from Famagusta.

Tuition fees: 3000 to 6000 Euros per year.


Cyprus International University

Cyprus International University is a private university in Northern Cyprus that teaches in English. It was founded in 1997 and is located in the capital, North Nicosia. Cyprus International University was founded in 1997 as a result of increased need for universities that conduct education in other languages in Cyprus and other countries in the region, as well as expanding interest in higher educational institutions and instruction in English.

Tuition fees: 3000 to 4000 Euros per year.


Cyprus West University

Cyprus West University was founded in 2015 as a non-profit university in Famagusta, Northern Cyprus. Cyprus West University includes five colleges, three schools, and 20 undergraduate and associate degree programs in both English and Turkish. Cyprus West University has been accepted by the TRNC Ministry of National Education and Culture and is accredited by the Turkish Republic Higher Education Board and YDAK, the Higher Education Planning, Evaluation, Accreditation and Coordination Council of Northern Cyprus.

Cyprus West University was established in the city center of Famagusta on December 8, 2015, and contains educational facilities, dormitories, sports areas, and a variety of social and cultural buildings. The building of a new campus project is underway, and it is expected to be completed soon.

There are open and closed cafeterias, a basketball court, volleyball court, table tennis court, a parking lot, a student dormitory, a conference hall, a computer lab, a library, a prayer room, an infirmary, classrooms, and a medical laboratory on campus.

Tuition fees: 2800 to 3500 Euros per year.

Let’s now answer some questions about Eastern Mediterranean University and other universities in North Cyprus.

Is Eastern Mediterranean University a good university?

According to student reviews on Studyportals, the best place to find out how students rate their study and living experiences at universities all over the world, Eastern Mediterranean University is ranked 801 in Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings and has an overall score of 3.9 stars.

Which country is Eastern Mediterranean University?

The Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) is located on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. It was founded in 1979 as a technical institute in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) with the goal of training and developing human resources.

How close is Turkey to Cyprus?

Cyprus is an island republic in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, formally known as the Republic of Cyprus. It is located south of Turkey, west of Syria, northwest of Lebanon, Israel, and the Gaza Strip, north of Egypt, and southeast of Greece, and is the third biggest and third most populous island in the Mediterranean.

How much does a student earn in Cyprus?

In Cyprus, the average hourly income for international students is 5 Euros, but this varies. If you are a European, you may be able to earn extra. The average pay for Asians and Africans is 5 Euro. They don’t always give even 5 Euros.

Is it cheap to study in Cyprus?

In comparison to other prominent European study locations, Cyprus is well known for its affordable study costs. Furthermore, the government spends over 7% of its GDP on education, which is a fairly high percentage when compared to other EU members.

Is Cyprus an Islamic Nation?

Muslims account for nearly a quarter of the Cypriot population. The island was taken from the Venetians by the Ottoman General Lala Mustafa Pasha in 1570 A.D…. Turkish Cypriots are the island’s minority and follow the Sunni branch of Islam.

How easy is it to get job in Cyprus?

Foreigners may have a tough time finding work because they will be competing with natives. However, there are a few things you can do to improve your chances of landing a job. While English is the primary business language, the majority of employers require some understanding of Greek.

Is Cyprus Friendly to foreigners?

Cyprus is regarded a fairly diverse and cosmopolitan location to live, with 180.000 foreign nationals living and working in the country, accounting for 22 percent of the overall population. Cyprus has a well-deserved reputation for being a safe and welcoming destination.

Is Cyprus an EU country?

Cyprus has been a member of the European Union since May 1, 2004, with a land area of 9,251 km2 and a population of 847,008 people as of 2015. Cypriots make about 0.2% of the EU’s overall population. Nicosia is the capital, and Greek is the official language.


This is how far we want to go on this article about studying in Eastern Mediterranean University and North Cyprus as a whole. You can contact our agency: GOABROAD EDU SERVICES LTD for your admission and travel documents with 100% guaranty. Here are our details once again:

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    • Yes, it’s not difficult to get, once you meet the admission requirements of your program, you automatically qualify for a 50% scholarship.

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    • Hello Precious, EMU accepts HND result for a masters degree program. You’ll have to collect your certificate and transcripts from the Polytechnic before you start your admission application. Talking about work and study, Yes you can get part time jobs to support your living expenses and tuition fees. The pay usually range from 3000TL to 5000TL per month. TL means Turkish Lira.

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