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Donetsk State University of ManagementDonetsk State University of Management is accredited by level IV which is the highest level of higher accreditation in Ukraine. Donetsk State University of Management with initial name “Donetsk State Academy of Management”was founded in the year 1992 under the custody of the state.

The school was awarded by Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Sciencefrom State Academy of Managementto the status of University in the Year 2004 and was renamed Donetsk State University of Management.


1992 – 2001

  • The school was founded in the year 1992 as Donetsk State Academy of Management.
  • Was awarded to the position of Public Higher Education establishment.
  • Organization of Students’ Scientific Society (OSSS),Faculty for Foreign Students, Faculties of Production Management, Facultiesof Non-Production Management, Post-diploma Educationand Distant Learning program were founded in the School.
  • Became fully accredited and certified in accordance to III level of national accreditation of Higher Education Institutions.
  • The publication of the academy newspaper which focuses on Academic Knowledge was introduced.


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  • In the year 1996 the school granted its first graduates
  • The setting up of Association of Graduates and the establishment of college in Torez.
  • The school anthem and the various standards of its faculties were approved.
  • DSAM was certified and accredited with the IV level of accreditation by the decision of State Certification Board.
  • Professor Stanislav Povazhny was awarded the Rector of DSAM the title “The Man of the Year 2000” by American Biographic Institute.
  • Donetsk State Academy of Management was among the bestfive higher education institutions specialized in management education in the year 2001asrated by Higher Educational Establishments of Ukraine.

Year 2002 – 2011

  • In the year 2002 the Museum of Donetsk State Academy of Management History was founded and DSAM celebrated its 10th Anniversary.
  • Professor Stanislav Povazhny, the Rector of Donetsk State Academy of Management awarded the Corresponding Member of Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine.
  • DSAM organized a Specialized Council on Doctor’s Theses Defense.
  • Donetsk State Academy of Managementwas awarded by Diploma of Sofia Kievskaya after it became the winner of the Rating of Higher Educational Establishments of Ukraine according to the results of the academic year.
  • Donetsk State Academy of Management became a member of Eurasian Association of Universities.
  • In the year 2007 the school elected Professor Alexander Povazhny as the Rector at the meeting of the University’s staff.
  • For the high quality training DSAM was awarded the Diploma of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.
  • Donetsk State Academy of Managementsigned Memorandum of Understanding with United Nations Development Program in Ukraine.


School Faculties and Departments

Department of Physical Training

Department of Economics of Enterprises

Department of Logistics

Department of Marketing

Department of Tourism

Department of HR Management and Labor Economic

Department of Theory and History of State and Law

Department of Economy Law

Department of Administrative Law

Department of Sociology of Management

Department of Information Technologies

Department of Finance

Department of Accounting and Audit

Department of Taxation

Department of Brokerage and Banking

Department of Investment

Department of Service Management

Department of Public Administration

Department of Innovations and Project Management

Department of Philosophy and Psychology

Department of Ukrainian Studies

Department of Production Management

Department of International Economic Activities Management

Department of Ecological Management

Department of Higher Mathematics

Department of Foreign Languages

DSUM Campuses

The Facilities at Donetsk State University of Management includes seven buildings for studying and six well equipped hostels where the accommodation of both local and foreign students is guaranteed for all five years period of study.

The school has various computer classes with free Wi-Fi internet connection for students’ services. For minor injuries there is availability of free medical treatment and care for students at Medical Service.

Donetsk State University of Management library plays essential role to teaching, study and research activities. DSUM’s library boast of over 230, 000 copies of books periodicals represent important information service.

DSUM Awards and Reputations

Donetsk State University of Managementin the year 2012 was ranked third place among higher educational institutions “Economics, Finance, Management, Entrepreneurship”which was compiled by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine and according to the rating of the best universities in Ukraine

More than sixteen (16) thousand University graduates have become highly qualified specialists, and joined the ranks of management elite of Donetsk city, Donetsk region and Ukraine.

DSUM has produced221 Champions of Ukraine, 275 Winners of International Cups, 9 World Champions, 16 Champions of Europe,108 Winners of Regional Competitions5 students of DSUM were members of Ukraine national team at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. These are among the school graduates and present students as well.


DSUM Accommodation

The Dean of the university is in charge of the distribution of seats in the hostels of different departments.

Also, in order to get an accommodation or a place in hostel the student is to fill his own declaration, order and contract of liability and gives a statement to the Dean (Deputy Dean) for approval of the pro-rector Donetsk State University of Management.


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