Benefits Of Studying In Turkey

International Students in Turkey — a Form of Soft Power? | by Turkish  Heritage Organization | Meddah: A U.S.-Turkey Storytelling Project | MediumChoosing to study in Turkey can be one of the best decisions of your life. Without a doubt, it is a country that will offer you endless experiences and opportunities that will make you grow in different aspects of your life. Let’s take a look at everything this country has to offer you!


The multiculturalism of a transcontinental nation

Turkey has a strategic geographical location that has allowed it to be the home of different eastern and western civilizations. Located between Europe and Asia, the Turkish territory has a diversity of cultures, traditions and customs from both regions of the world.


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One of the most important stages during a study abroad process is having the opportunity to meet people and make friends. In Turkey you can meet people from all over the world, its different European, Asian and international communities, will make your stay in this country an unforgettable experience.

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As a transcontinental nation, you can enjoy the benefits of living in a multicultural society. Where the races, the stories, the flavors and those elements of each country are represented by people like you living the dream of studying or working in a foreign country.

Literature and architecture are characteristic elements of different Turkish cities. Some of the most recognized Turkish architectural structures worldwide are the two bridges located over the Bosphorus, the Strait of Istanbul that represents the border between East and West.

Turkish education, a door to knowledge and diversity

Turkey’s growing popularity has made it a really attractive country for those looking to study abroad. Deciding to train academically in this transcontinental nation means accessing a high quality educational system.


There are about 170 colleges  and universities  across the country that host hundreds of international students annually. The diversity of cultures on the campuses of prestigious Turkish educational centers such as the  University of Istanbul , the  University of Ankara , or the  University of Anatolia  in Eskişehir, allow students to train in an environment that prepares them for a much more globalized job market.


In Turkey you will be able to access different stages of higher education, where you will find from higher technical schools, through undergraduate programs to postgraduates, masters and doctorates.

The language facilities will allow you to interact with people from all over the world, you will also have the possibility to improve your language skills and understand most of the academic content in a language completely different from your mother tongue.


Exams and interviews

When choosing a study program, Turkey offers you a wide variety of alternatives to enlighten yourself in different academic areas. Some of the most popular study programs on college campuses are: Business Administration, International Relations, Multicultural Studies, Different Branches of Engineering, and, last but not least, Hospitality and Tourism.


Affordable Accommodations

Although it is important to think in which city in Turkey you would like to live and the many benefits it has to offer you. Accommodation is also one of the most important factors to consider.


When it comes to finding the place that will be your home for the next two to five years of your life or perhaps longer, different alternatives should be considered. In many of the Turkish cities you will have the opportunity to find state or university dormitories, whether shared or private; this is a good alternative especially for international students.

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Staying in a university residence will allow you to be located in the middle of the academic community, more easily access all the services that a university campus puts at your disposal and generate closer contact with your teachers and classmates.

On the other hand, if you are a much more independent person, you will have the possibility of renting a house or an apartment on your own. This option is often the most expensive in terms of accommodation options. However, some students, both local and international, decide to rent an apartment as a group, so they can enjoy the benefit of greater independence and comfort at a much more reasonable price.

Low Tuition and scholarship fees

Tuition fees generally vary depending on the program of study and the college or university you want to apply to. In Turkey there are different public and private institutions so it is up to you to carry out an in-depth search depending on your expectations and needs. Generally, you are likely to pay different rates than local students or sometimes you will have to pay an additional tax for being a foreign student.

However, the Turkish government is in charge of promoting education in the country and increasing the number of international students in its educational institutions, for this reason it offers different financial aid or state scholarships to foreign students.


An experience beyond the classroom

Although your academic training should be the most important pillar during your study abroad process, you must take into account the number of tools and alternatives you have to support your academic training outside of the classroom.

Participating in different  extracurricular activities  is essential to have a comprehensive education. Social clubs often organize different activities related to sports such as tennis, swimming or football, known as the most popular sport in Turkey. Similarly, various theater, music, arts, etc. clubs will provide you with a space for relating and integrating with other transnational students.


Having the opportunity to experience a study stage in another country will change your life in many ways. Turkey may seem like an exotic destination, but it will undoubtedly offer you a myriad of benefits that will contribute to your personal and professional training.


Let yourself be surprised by its incredible landscapes and by the exciting artistic life of its many cities.

Since you have the initial information about a life of study in a transcontinental country, it is your turn to decide if Turkey could indeed be a better place for you.

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