How Motivation Affects Education

Motivation if referred as a state that directs, sustain and energizes behaviour, Abraham N. (2010).

Being an educator is not something ordinary, it’s an activity carried out by extra ordinary and unique people, some one that understands, cares about his or her students and work tirelessly with the aim of helping others to attain their desired heightsor goals.

Educators are hardworking, dedicated, optimistic, resilient, and capable and have an unending desire in making great change in the life of their students.

Making a decision about the way to follow in the early stage of life is some special and of great importance. However, there is always the need of an educator that serves as both a mentor and a motivator that guides you to the right path.

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It’s natural for man to be curious about life, career, the world, university and life itself. When motivation backs up this curiosity learning becomes easy, more like a video game though each subsequent level is tougher, the desire to move on to the next level becomes inevitable.

Motivation in learning serves as a compelling force that enables one to seek out for experiential novelty, mysteries, intellectuals and also propel students to face non-familiar, difficult and challenging situations with expectation to overcome and conquer.

Learning is an unending process, right from the time you are born and to the time you die, u walk through the process of learning, Learning does not end by you passing an examination or reading a particular book. Thus, there is no end to learning.

Effects of motivation on education

  • Motivation boost student’s efforts
  • Motivation helps students to learn on longer period of time
  • Motivation Increases productivity level of students
  • Motivation improves academic performances. Etc


Motivation is one of the basic and fundamental factor that fosters effective learning. Also, it’s a well-known and a recognized fact that students that are highly motivated usually find learning pleasing and same time enjoyable. On the contrary, those that are not in one way or the other motivated or exhibit low rate of motivation to study always expect rewards to encourage them to get involved in activities that are not of their interest.

Effect of Lack of Motivation on Learning and Learning process

Lack of motivation in the area of learning has a great effect or impact on the student which could be emotionally, Psychological, mentally and morally.

Some of the effects of lack of motivation in learning and learning process are:

  • It serves as barrier to academic success
  • Lead to frustration in students
  • Hinders the rate of productivity of students
  • It also reduces the level of confidence.

Some Quotes about Education by great men of all time to motivate you

Henry Ford

  • Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. (Henry Ford).

Nelson Mandela

  • “The most powerful weapon that can change the world is education” (Nelson Mandela).
  • According to Martin Luther King the goal of true education is intelligent plus character.
  • Let us think of education as the means of developing our greatest abilities, because in each of us there is a private hope and dream which fulfilled, can be translated into benefit for everyone and greater strength for our nation.
  • What the best and wisest parents wants want for his own Child that must the community want for all its children (Charles M. Schulz).
  • Wisdom Begins with wonder).

Fredric Douglass

  • For it is Easier to build strong children than to repair broken Men. (Fredric Douglass).

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